8:00 a.m.  to  8:00 p.m.

Monday through Sunday

I  make sure the repairs/service I am doing to your car is what it really needs.

My business is based on long-term relationships and repeat business.  

I work on your car as though my family were driving it.  

I extend the life of your older cars; saving you money, and giving you 

options to purchase a new car when the time is right.

Virtually no over-head costs forwards savings to my customers. 

LEAVE IT TO ME -  Doing it yourself doesn't always pan out.  Rely on my knowledge and experience.  I give you options in repair costs that my customers appreciate.

Why Choose martin's mobile

Ethical         Frugal

Honest        Efficient

Helpful         On-time

Quality         Patient

Thorough    Trustworthy     Dependable

Fair               Respectful        Resourceful

MARTIN'S MOBILE MAINTENANCE - Volvo Service and Repair
Since 1994

J. Daniel Martin, Owner
          A.S.E. CERTIFIED


Katherine and Chet Gannett, Valley Center:  Dan Martin has been servicing our cars and those of our children since 1995.  We have found him to be an excellent mechanic who has always provided us with prompt, reliable, knowledgeable Volvo service at a fair price.  He is always willing to answer our automotive related questions. Twenty years and nine Volvos later, we have been so satisfied with the convenience and quality of Martin's Mobile Maintenance that we now only consider Volvos when purchasing a car.  We recommend Martin's Mobile Maintenance whole-heartedly and without hesitation.

Dr. Doug Hersh, Santa Barbara:  For 20 years, I have always considered Dan to be one of the best-kept secrets in California.  I can't tell you how often we missed him when we were out-of-state -- and that wasn't just for car repairs.  In fact, Dan did such a good job on our car that we didn't need a single thing during the entire time we were away.  Yes, we missed Dan as a friend and while we will drive down from Santa Barbara to have him handle our car repairs because we trust the quality of his work and advice, I also believe that we choose him because we enjoy him as a person.


I encourage Volvo owners to compare prices and convenience!!​

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