volvo mobile Car Repair


Gaius Cadaing, Capt, U.S. NAvy (Ret), San Marcos:  We currently own 10 Volvos between my wife, our children, my parents, and myself. Dan repairs and services them all and is one of the main reasons we drive Volvos.  He has assisted us for 17 years and maintains my highest recommendation as a highly qualified and trustworthy mechanic and friend of my family.

In the early 1990's I noticed customers commenting on their tight time schedules and the inconvenience of having to bring their cars in for service and repair work.    The dream of having my own mobile Volvo service and repair business soon became a reality.

August 22, 1970

On August 22, 1970, I purchased my first Volvo model 142S for $2850, brand new.  As a young college student I could not afford to have anyone work on my Volvo, so, I started to learn auto repair on my own. Because I was going into the local dealership on a regular basis to purchase Volvo parts, they got to know me and eventually offered me an entry-level position.  This is when I started my formal training on Volvo's.  I worked for Volvo dealerships in southern California for over 20 years.

Tel: +1.760.216.0298

September 1994  

September, 1994, Martin's Mobile Maintenance was established for Volvo owners to have their vehicles serviced at a time and location that would be convenient for them.    

 I have been:

  • factory trained since 1975
  • achieved Volvo Master Technician ranking, and
  • have held an A.S.E. Master Automobile Technician certificate since 1980.